Timeline: 2nd DE bank cycle

2nd Donor Egg Bank Cycle***:

January 9: we are told "4 perfect embryos waiting!"
February 2: start bcp
February 15: SIS in Seattle
March 5: suppression check
March 19: lining check
First week of April: (hopeful) transfer!

Our donor is a 32 year old proven donor who is a mother herself. We took part in the "small set" program and got 5 of her eggs. Of those, FOUR fertilized (hubby's sperm) and are on ice waiting for us to love them and grow them. Fingers crossed and stay tuned for this ride.

***Our first donor egg bank cycle, using a 23 year old proven donor, started great and ended in great failure. We had 2 perfect embryos, one of which was fully hatched for transfer. The other was hatching. Things looked good, I got pregnant. We heard and then saw a heartbeat at a few ultrasounds. Then, at the graduation RE appointment, we learned there was no heartbeat. We had used both embryos, so it was back to the drawing board for us.

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  1. Fingers crossed for you, friend. I'm feeling so hopeful for you, and I'll be thinking of you the whole way through.
    Here's to our trying-to-conceive blogs turn into parenting blogs in the coming months xo